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Dukes & Duchesses
(2 years) 

Our Dukes & Duchess(2 years) program includes a variety of activities to enhance a young child’s awareness of the world around them. The rooms are equipped with age‐appropriate art materials, cause and effect toys, tactile stimulation materials, puzzles, lots of cuddly dolls and stuffed animals. The children spend their time in the classroom fixing lunch for the teachers with the pretend food, pushing their dolls around in carriages, building with their “ABC” blocks, learning how puzzles work and sitting while listening to a story. Many different materials besides water occupy our “discovery” table, including sand, macaroni, rice, snow, pom poms, etc. Lots of music and singing can be heard while the children play their musical instruments.

 However, there is more to our program than just the classroom activities. Your two‐year‐old will also have access to the following facilities: an indoor playground, two outdoor playgrounds and an outdoor tricycle area. The indoor playground will be a setting for creative movement, where children can explore various movements, jump in our ball pit, use our interactive dancefloor and listen to music. A variety of mats and gym equipment will allow the children to climb, jump, roll, crawl and gallop through different obstacle courses. There are bubbles and a parachute to enjoy. Our outdoor playgrounds include a large gross‐motor structure, a tricycle area, two play houses, a castle, a train and a grassy area where children can run with friends. Our karate instructor visits each and every class weekly. We also have a tumble bus every week for gymnastics.
The two‐year old curriculum is designed specifically to meet the needs and capabilities of two‐year‐old children and is implemented with attention to the different interests and developmental levels of each individual child. The teachers observe the children closely and tailor their daily activities so that every child’s special interests and talents are fully explored.  Above all, we provide a warm, loving and nurturing environment where every child will feel happy and accepted.

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