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Marquees & Marchioness
(3  years) 

Our three‐year‐old program features “learning centers” which include a block corner, library corner, dramatic play area, science area, art area, writing center and manipulative corner.  Each area contains several types of exhibits, games, materials and activities all designed to allow children to make choices, solve problems, work cooperatively and feel successful.  All of the learning centers are designed to teach in the way kids learn best through play, exploration and discovery. In each area, the children are introduced to new concepts and ideas, as well as encouraged to explore the boundaries and challenge the limits of some familiar ones.  The children will also have the opportunity to experience many educational wonders through the use of new technologies, such as iPads.
Our teachers provide the guidance, encouragement, materials and stimulation. The children provide their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
However, there is more to our program than just the classroom activities. Your three‐year‐old will also have access to the following facilities: our gymnastics bus and two outdoor playgrounds. A variety of mats and gym equipment will allow the children to climb, jump, roll crawl and gallop through different obstacle courses. Our karate instructor visits each and every class weekly. 

The three‐year‐old curriculum is designed specifically to meet the needs and capabilities of three‐year‐old children and is implemented with attention to the different interests and developmental levels of each individual child. The teachers observe the children closely and tailor their lesson plans so that every child’s special interest and talents are fully explored. Above all, we provide a warm, loving and nurturing environment where every child will feel happy and accepted. 

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